Friday, June 12, 2009

37 week photo shoot

My friend, Jill, offered to take maternity photos of me when I was at 37 weeks and she did a great job! We had fun, but I don't exactly consider myself to be too photogenic. That's why I really like all of the belly shots. I'll have to post more photos, but here's only one for now. I need to have Craig take some more this weekend as I passed the 38 week mark on Thursday. 13 days to go...crazy.

Update on turning the baby - she ended up turning on her own the day of the external version (Friday the 5th). The nurses are pretty sure that she was still transverse before they gave me a relaxant so I didn't have any contractions. (I was actually having contractions, but they weren't strong enough to feel.) The doctor came in 45 minutes after I was given the relaxant, he did a quick ultrasound and we saw that she was head down. Little stinker! I'm glad I didn't have to actually go through with the version though. I was supposed to have another doctor appointment today, but my doctor was delivering a baby, so it's now rescheduled for Tuesday.

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