Monday, March 9, 2009

Nusery decor

I fell in love with this antique hutch on Saturday while visiting a new little shop downtown Lakeville called Pink Door Boutique. I've been looking for a similar piece to match my dresser that I received on (see last picture in this post). Being frugal, I highly contemplated making the purchase. I oohed and aahed over it for at least 30 minutes, wandering around the store and always coming back to this piece. I finally pulled myself away and went home and told Craig about it and he said, "When should I pick it up?" I told him I didn't buy it and he asked, "Why not? I'll be ready in 5 minutes and we can go back and get it." Yay! It was priced at $195, but other hutches in the store were priced at $450, so right there, I felt like I was getting a good deal. It was even on sale for 15% off, so the new total was $165. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I loved the idea that it was refinished, we're supporting a new local shop in town (which has MANY adorable things) and it'll go perfect in the baby's room. The owner's father refinished all of the furniture in the boutique and happened to be there when we went back. I visited with him about possibly refinishing the free dresser too, so they match. I was going to try it myself, but depending on what he charges, I'll have him do it. He told me what brand of paint and color he used on the hutch, so it'd at least be the same color.

For those who haven't already figured it out or already know, it's a girl! This is the color scheme I'm going for, somewhat of a shabby chic/vintage theme, with the motto "less is more" in mind. The walls will remain tan and the main color will probably be the light pink.

Free dresser that matches the hutch above pretty darn close.

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