Monday, June 4, 2007

7180 Week 9

This week, the trim, baseboard, doors and cabinets were installed. We learned that they stain the wood after it's installed.

French doors to the master bedroom

Some of the baseboard that's stained. You can see the marks the stain left on the wall. To us, it would make more sense to stain it first and then not have to tape when you do another coat of paint. I'm sure they have their reasons for doing it this way.

There are black marks like these all over the walls. Not sure what they're from. I at first thought they were from a nail gun from the baseboard, but this wall doesn't have a baseboard yet, so it must have been from when they installed the wood floors??

Cherry kitchen cabinets

Maple floor (unstained)
Family room

Living room/front entrance


Kitchen corner pantry/garage entrance

Master bathroom

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