Sunday, May 13, 2007

7180 Week 6

I didn't take any pictures after week 5 of construction.
All of the electrical wiring was done that week.

During week 6, the guys were very busy. The insulating and sheet rocking was done. The garage floor was poured, along with the front porch. And they began siding. The shingles were also replaced this week to the ones we had selected.

Siding is complete in the back.
We had a different color picked out, but we couldn't have that color
because of a house below us and adjacent to us already having that color.
BUT...the house RIGHT next door sure looks to be almost the exact
same color. I guess that's okay... You can kind of see it in pic above.
*ETA - it was their mistake that our house color is the same as our next door neighbors, but it's "ok" because the style of the fronts is so different. I guess if we really wanted to, we could have complained. We'll have to explain it to our neighbors because they may not like it either.


They also poured the basement this week.
East side of basement

West side of basement

Master bedroom
* Note the light switch to the left of the window.
It runs the front exterior lights.

Top of upstairs hallway/loft

Family room



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